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Since over 30 years I am a Radio-Amateur. I discovered my interest in Amateur Radio at the age of 15 years. I first started with an battery-driven old HF-Receiver for 3.7 Mc with tubes. Later on I build a small VHF-Transmitter myself in order to supply my friends with music. During the time of my military service I had to deal with radio communication too. After that followed my technical education, girlfriends, wife and children. Meanwhile I made my Ham-Radio-License (DK1DN) but the job had priority in this times. Later I bought a HF-Transceiver (FT-277B) and started working with first small antennas. Then followed a HAM-Shack in the cellar, but there was not enough time for the hobby. Nowadays I am fully equipped an enjoy the HAM-Radio Hobby.